How to spy on an Android smartphone

Face it, have you ever had a craving to “sneak peek” at a friend’s cell phone? Would you like to read all text messages saved on your girlfriend’s phone or listening to all her conversations? I think so, and I bet you haven’t done it just because you haven’t found a simple and inexpensive method to succeed. Well, I have good news for you! I can suggest several solutions to help you spy on a cellphone.


Thanks to the tools that I’m going to show you with this guide, you can see all messages sent and received from the smartphone, trace the geographical location of the device, see used apps and much more. Clearly, in order to spy on a cell phone by using the tools that I’m about to tell you it is essential that you can put a hand at least once on the phone of the person you wish to track. Also I would like to make you aware that violate the privacy of others, whether of people with whom you are in close contact or of those you know little or nothing, it is a very serious offense. As a result, you promise to use my suggestions just for doing innocent jokes or simple experiments with prior consent.


So, if you care to find out what you can do to spy on a cell phone please get well handy, take five minutes or so and focus intently on reading this tutorial. Ready to get started? Yes? So, let’s cut to the chase and start.


If you’re using an Android smartphone and would like to find out how to spy on a cell phone I suggest you use KidLogger application that can track SMS, calls, applications used, Web history, and more. The base version of the app is free and allows you to monitor only two devices at a time keeping the history for 9 days (for a total of 9 MB of storage for the data).


Before you install KidLogger on the phone you want to monitor, you must create a free account on the site. To do this click here to connect immediately to the appropriate Web page and fill out the form that comes with email address, password and name. Accept the terms of service by putting the check mark next to Yes, I agree with Terms of Service, and click the Register button to complete the subscription.




Once the registration process is completed, log in to your email and click the confirmation link sent by the KidLogger’s team to activate your account. If you can’t find the message from KidLogger in your email inbox, take a look at the Spam section, may have got there!


Once this is done, you have to install the KidLogger app on the phone, but unfortunately you can’t download it from Play Store as it is not yet available on it. In this case from the smartphone, you have to open the Web browser, type in the address bar and press the Enter button of the keyboard visible on screen. Then, proceed to downloading the application by selecting Download APK underneath the Android logo.


When the download is finished, open the smartphone’s notification Center making a swipe downward on the status bar (the one at the top of the screen), select kidlogger.apk and install the app on the device by pressing the buttons Next and Install. If you get error messages, and the app isn’t installed, you must turn on the option to install applications downloaded from unknown sources (not from Play Store) on your phone. To do this, go into the Android Settings, select Security from the menu that appears and put the check mark next to Unknown sources.


After you install KidLogger on the phone to spy, start the app by going to the home screen of the device and tap on its icon, tap the Settings button and flick down the screen that pops up. Next, go to Upload Log Files, then put the check mark next to Upload Logs and tap Account, in order to connect your application to your account online (just type the email address you used to register on the site of KidLogger).


Completed this operation you can start monitoring your phone by pressing the button Start logging presented in the start screen of KidLogger and set your preferences for the items to be monitored (ex. SMS, Applications) from the Settings menu.


KidLooger Settings


To see the data collected from KidLogger you have to connect to the app’s website by clicking here, then you have to log in by clicking on at the top right and after once you are logged in, click the eye icon under the name of the smartphone in the Dashboard.


If you have any doubts about how to use or activate KidLogger on Android, you can also take a look at this video on YouTube.


As quite understandable, in order to keep correctly updated the tracked activity on the KidLogger’s site is essential that your phone is connected to the Internet. Otherwise to spy on a cell phone will be pretty much an impossible task.